County 7’s Alresford (a)

On Saturday 10th March we travelled to play Alresford GC & showed a strong start in all games, with many of our team holding an early lead. But the lack of golf played by the Southampton members was in stark contrast to the home players, as they’ve been able to play throughout the winter. Only two winter tees in play on Saturday, with greens in very good condition. Match by match though the Alresford team pegged Southampton back to claim the match 6:1. Despite captaining the team on the day, Steve Hodder was the only man to win, but four matches went to the 18th green. Thanks to all the team, Byron T, Chris B, Geoff T, Rich G, Terry G, Will S & captain Hodder.

Having got so far in the tournament last year, this is a huge disappointment, and our attention turns to the Gales match against Hockley GC at the end of the month.

A Captains Golfing Year

How did this all come about I ask myself ? Two years ago I was playing good golf, fluctuating between 6 – 7 handicap, filling in with couple of games of golf for the club and managing to get away with Alison on holiday maybe twice a year. Roll on 20 months and its been golf, golf, golf and some more golf here at Southampton Golf Club and thankfully we have been pretty good at it. The distraction has been that intense at times that even seasoned marriage counsellors stay clear of you. Was it worth it ? You bet !! The sense of pride you get when a team member be it an established player or a junior playing in his first competitive match comes off the eighteenth green to tell you he has won his match, and as the advert says its priceless and this year it has happened on so many occasions.

Its not important to list the success of the club this year on the golf course but instead maybe recognise that the Golf Club itself has been the winner in so many ways which showed at the recent Xmas Cup. Blessed with fine weather a great turn out of members and a friendly fun atmosphere during the meal and presentation it does go to show what our club means to the members. I might add at this point that everyone there should be congratulated for their behaviour during the thank you speech which was given by Elsie Damo on behalf of her son Emmanuel. During most speeches you will always get either banter or people talking in the corner etc, but whilst Elsie thanked everyone for their kindness and generosity throughout the year you could have heard a pin drop.

That part of the Captain’s role choosing a charity to support is very difficult but if you get it right you are rewarded immensely. I didn’t set out with a figure in mind and I don’t think the family expected much from us but to enable them to increase Emmanuel’s physio has helped him improve far quicker than first thought. So to all of you at Southampton Golf Club who gave up your sweep monies, winnings or supported the events this year I thank you.

We are very lucky at the club to have a committee that care so very much that the members, course and club continue to improve year after year. They might not get it right all of the time and if not they will be sure to get it right the next time because they would have learnt by their mistakes. This can only happen though if they get the continued support and backing of you the members. I have witnessed the time and effort these gentleman put in over the year to make sure we have a Golf Club to be proud of.

So my year as Captain is drawing to an end I might get a couple of more duties to perform before my Vice-Captain Steve Hodder takes over with I hope as much support, encouragement and friendship as you have afforded me. This will allow me to get back down to 6-7 handicap and maybe get chosen for the odd Club match. The reason I became Captain for a year was down to Nick Dhanda having the foresight to see in me qualities that I did not know existed or it might have been while we were both drunk, which ever it was I can only thank him for the opportunity.

At Bowlers we have Bill & Sundew and their staff who have provided us with Xmas Dinners, BBQ’s and made sure visiting teams have gone away with their stomachs full and hearts content. So for that Bill I say thank you and for your friendship and guidance throughout the year.

I did mention earlier that I thought it wasn’t important that we mention the Club’s success this year but that would be a little unfair on the members who have given up their time and match fee to represent the club throughout the year so for them I can reveal that we only drew one friendly match and won all of the others, Trodd Meacher Shield, Semi-finals Hockley Gales, Finals County 7’s which we have not been in since the 1970’s. The juniors won the Blackmore Shield and in Terry Greenough we have the winner of the Southampton Open a great result for a player that works so very hard at his game. It would be wrong for me not to mention the course and the green keepers who work so very hard with a small budget to keep it playing so well. All of the visiting teams that we have hosted this year have all remarked on the layout and condition of the course, so to the lads who keep us playing through out most of the year thank you.

Both Alison an I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and may all your dreams and wishes come true in the New Year

Chris Comley
Captain 2017


Xmas Cup winners

Some pictures of our recent Xmas Cup competition held at Southampton Golf Club on Saturday 16th December. Pictures include the winning team, best jumper prize, Emmanuel with his Mum & Dad who kindly dropped in to give us an update on Emmanuel’s progress and to thank everyone for their kindness throughout the year. Also the Captain and his little helpers (we got to have some perks). A wonderful day blessed with good weather, great turn out and a lot of fun. Chris Comley xx



Triangular Trophy win

3rd Leg Triangular 2017

Well it was Hillbarn GC turn to host the third and final leg of the Triangular 2017 and didn’t they do it in style. Not only did they put on a great breakfast and sandwich and chip buffet but the weather couldn’t have been better and the course did great credit to the green keeping staff. If anyone has a chance to play Hillbarn GC on a clear sunny day they will be rewarded with some wonderful views and a good test of their golfing ability.
Chris Smith Hillbarn’s 2017 captain as always carried out his duties and responsibilities with great ease and very professional way, and that also continued to the golf course starting off the comeback and chasing Southampton’s slim lead coming into this leg.

Actually both Captains played very well on the outward nine holes and I thought they might catch us up just in our match but I steadied the ship and started to play what some people might describe as golf but others might have doubts. As we played we chatted and tried to put the world’s problem’s to right but it became very clear that every time Peter came close and joined into the conversation Chris and I had to almost start shouting at each other to overcome Peter’s incessant club clattering each other in his bag. If I were him I would check out his irons after every game because I’m sure he must be losing bits off them all the time.

Back to the golf and the main reason we were all here the Municipal Golf Challenge Cup started in 1955 the match’s have been played every year since then and if this year is anything to go by will be played for many more years to come. In deed the manor in which all of the games were played was a credit to all involved the banter and friendship shown whilst having a beer afterwards will I hope continue. A few cracking scores came in 40 points from Jay ex-captain of Hillbarn, 37 points from our very own Terry Greenough who took the sweep stake and once again donated it to this years Charity.

I’m a firm believer that everyone wins on days and occasions such as these but someone has to win just a little bit more and it was with great pride and pleasure that I accepted the Trophy from last years winning Captain of Portsmouth GC and with that thank all of the players who have given there time and effort in winning this great competition. Final scores this year are Portsmouth 704, Hillbarn 749 and Southampton 767.

I have been very lucky this year to have a great squad of players who are always prepared to give there all for Southampton GC but also I have had the pleasure and privilege to play, organise and plan this years Triangular with two very decent and dedicated Captains from Hillbarn GC & Portsmouth GC to them I say thank you golf is a great game when shared with friends like you.

Chris Comley – Club Captain 2017