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Hole in One process – information for members

Congratulations on scoring a Hole in One.

There has long been a tradition that anyone scoring a Hole in One should, on returning to the clubhouse, buy everyone in the bar a drink.

The Golf Club will support the cost of any member in the following situations:

1.    The Hole in One was achieved in a club competition or match.

2.    Provide half of the cost of drinks up to a maximum of £50.00

3.    The bar staff have established an account and/or a receipt is available for the contribution from club funds.

4.    If a member has insurance covering such an occurrence, the insurance company may refuse to contribute, or reduce the sum available, if they believe the club will meet some of the costs. In this instance we would ask the member to use the monies available via the insurance company.

There is also a Hole in One Society which provides a plaque, Polo shirt and certificate. Please speak to Kevin Bouault for further details.

If you are unclear about the arrangements please call Kevin Bouault on 07971 026 185

Last updated April 2011