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About Southampton Golf ClubSouthampton Golf Club was established at the Golf Course in 1935. Prior to this the club was nomadic, playing competitions on other courses much like a society today. Some events were even staged on the Common on Sundays!

The Sports Centre and the Golf Course, was the brain-child of Sir Sidney Kimber. He envisaged the council providing leisure activities for the people of Southampton after the Great War and work finally started in the thirties. The Club having its home at the Municipal Course was a real innovation – most ‘private’ clubs were fairly exclusive and ‘the working man’ was not invited to join. Even professionals were rarely allowed into the clubhouse. Certainly times have changed for the better and the club provides a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The course was completed in 1935 although it wasn’t until after the war that it was playable throughout the year. The course was designed by five times British Open Champion J H Taylor, the professional at Royal Winchester. There have been some changes to the course since then, including the addition of ditches and ponds. The course used to be involved in hosting professional events and was once an Open Qualifier venue. The prestigious Southampton Men’s Amateur Open is still held on the course in June.

Today :- 

From 1 April 2021, the golf course will be maintained and managed by Southampton City Council.

The course will be closed for the month of April 2021 for essential maintenance.
Season Ticket and Green Fee information will be posted as soon as it becomes available. 

Southampton Golf Club continues to operate at Southampton City Golf Course. It is open to all and offers Men’s, Seniors and Juniors sections.

There are weekly competitions and frequently several competitions per week, all of which are, of course, optional.

Competitions include Stablefords, Medals, Winter Knock Out’s, Summer Knockout’s as well as Inter Club Matches

All Abilities are Welcome

The Club provides and maintains official handicaps and is fully affiliated to the English Golf Union.

Above all, the Club is friendly, inclusive and the joining fees are among the lowest in the country.

Explanatory Note :-

You can become a member of Southampton Golf Club without becoming a Season Ticket Holder and vice versa which caters for the regular and casual golfer. The combination of Club Membership and a Season Ticket offers exceptional value for the regular player.